Target the Right Accounts with Predictive

Lattice’s predictive applications identify, source and enrich the most valuable prospects to fuel successful marketing and sales programs.

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Predictive Marketing and Sales

Prioritize Incoming Leads

Prioritize existing leads and incoming inquiries to identify those most likely to buy now. 37% increase in win rates.

Acquire High-Quality Leads

Find new, high-quality leads for marketing and sales prospecting. 40% increase in MQL production.

Grow Existing Customers

Maintain and expand existing customer relationships with predictive insights. 3x increase in customer revenue.

Scale Account-Based Marketing with Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics is a key building block to efficient and scalable account-based marketing” – Meg Heuer, VP and Group Director, SiriusDecisions

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How It Works

Pioneering Predictive Applications for Marketing and Sales

Data Cloud 1

Every Available Buying Signal

Lattice combines your internal data with the largest source of external buying signals to get a complete picture of your customer DNA.

Data Cloud 2

Rigorous Machine Learning

Using advanced modeling techniques, Lattice uncovers the key predictive attributes that lead your customers and prospects to convert and buy.

Data Cloud 3

Operationalize Campaigns

Segmentation and triggers are automated, to ensure insights turn into real-time action.

Customer Success

Modern Marketing and Sales Teams Trust Lattice

The world’s most successful and fastest-growing companies use Lattice's applications to drive proven results across the entire revenue funnel. Learn Why Customers Choose Lattice ›

Lattice helps us easily understand what makes a prospect most likely to buy. Now we can focus our efforts on the best leads and avoid wasting time on leads that will never close.”
Kevin Marasco CMO, Hirevue
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The Lattice Difference

More companies trust Lattice than any other predictive application provider.

A Complete Suite of Predictive Applications

Lattice drives revenue growth across the entire customer lifecycle with its proven applications for every stage of the integrated marketing and sales funnel.

Proven Customer Success

More than 100 customers including financial services and Fortune 1000 companies have improved their marketing and sales productivity with Lattice.

The Lattice Data Cloud

The most comprehensive database of buying signals in the world combines information from tens of thousands of data sources, more than 300 million websites and more than 35 data providers, with customers' engagement data to reveal predictive buyer insights.

The Most Secure

In addition to its state-of-the-art security architecture, Lattice is the only predictive solution with enterprise-grade ISO 27001 security to protect customer data.

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The Lattice Difference

Easy to Deploy. Immediate Results.

Lattice predictive applications help marketing and sales teams crush conversion rates and drive more revenue. Start seeing the impact to your funnel in a week or less.

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