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LinkedIn Best Practices – Key Tips For Marketing And Sales Pros

LinkedIn is the fastest growing talent network, with 2 new members every second and it has 225M registered members in all parts of the world. 50 percent of all users are decision makers. It’s no surprise that sales and marketing pros are looking for best practices to help them optimize their efforts with LinkedIn.

Recently faberNovel published a 100+ slide presentation offering stellar insights on how sales and marketing pros can use LinkedIn.  Beyond recruiting, LinkedIn has powerful engines built for business development and content. The presentation is certainly worth the full view, but here are the key takeaways from the Lattice team.

Business Development and LinkedIn Best Practices

In sales, it’s all about the relationship.

  • Then: Rolodex – Difficult to search, not up-to-date, add business cards manually, not mobile
  • Now: Augmented rolodex – Access to 3rd degrees, searchable, up-to-date, mobile, import contacts from various sources (Gmail, Outlook, etc.), conversation history, “How you met” feature

Opt for warm introductions over cold calling

  • Then: Cold calling – lengthy process, low success rate, not comfortable, hard to pass the assistant gateway
  • Now: “Ask for Introduction” – identify “best path” to lead leveraging 1st-degree connection, request an introduction online, increased success rate

LinkedIn graph search helps sales reps identify the right target through co-workers’ connections. This saves sales prospecting time and increases success rate

  • Then: Door-to-door prospecting – door-to-door, tradeshows, meetings, events, buying mailing lists & address databases, manual
  • Now: Graph search – build targeted lead lists, save search criteria, automatic alerts, advanced search features

LinkedIn makes lead management social. By searching the graph, sales reps can avoid buying lists of unqualified leads and spending money and time prospecting and identifying the best lead.

  • Then: Lead Management – create lists and spreadsheets with leads, export to CRM, search for additional information about leads
  • Now: Lead Monitoring – create lists of targeted profiles, integrate CRM partners through APIs, gather real-time lead information and insights

Content and LinkedIn Best Practices

LinkedIn as the go-to professional news resource

  • Yesterday: Read the press every morning – time-bound, industry-generic content, costly, quickly obsolete, non-shareable
  • Tomorrow with LinkedIn – Graph-based news aggregator (LinkedIn Today integrates Pulse technology to deliver relevant content) – industry relevance, read or shared by contacts, real-time news

LinkedIn transforms how companies publish professional content

  • Yesterday: Print and send white papers (case, studies, research reports, etc.) – print, costly and limited distribution, mail and address (clients, prospects), many versions, stored or trashed – takes a few weeks
  • Tomorrow with LinkedIn: Share online presentations (SlideShare technology integrated with LinkedIn) – digital, free or freemium, unlimited distribution through sharing, relevant audience, online presentation, updated, stored in the cloud – takes a few minutes

LinkedIn transforms how companies promote through content

  • Yesterday: Advertorial (Paid B2B newspaper placement attempting to look like an article) – multiple media outlets, untargeted audience, intrusive, no links, text and images
  • Tomorrow with LinkedIn: Sponsored updates (targeted updates that appear in context in your feed) – large reach, one-click, relevant to targeted audience, contextual, linked to updated content, rich content (videos, slideshows)

LinkedIn transforms how companies track and capture leads through content

  • Yesterday: Paper forms, calls, and business cards (Paid newspaper placement attempting to look like an article) – follow-up cold calls, collect business cards, distribute and collect paper lead forms, quality of lead information is low, little tracking of who actually reads the paper
  • Tomorrow with LinkedIn: Analytics and tracking (targeted updates that appear in context in your feed) – tracks who viewed or downloaded the presentation, metrics: time spent per slide, number of views; additional lead info through online forms

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