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New ebook: Harnessing Big Data

Is Big Data really a big deal?

Big Data is shaping the business world by helping companies transform unstructured data about customers, prospects, employees, and suppliers into real, actionable insight.  It has been described as  “the next $100B opportunity” by McKinsey and Company.   “Chief Data Officer” and “Data Scientist” roles are flourishing through organizations large and small.  Many companies are already utilizing Big Data to help improve processes in finance, HR, marketing, and more.  This wave promises to change entire industries, enabling a tremendous improvement in performance and productivity across all departments.

Recently, Harvard Business Review devoted a complete issue to Big Data for the business landscape.  We cherry-picked  the most relevant articles from the edition to help sales and marketing leaders demystify Big Data and learn how harnessing Big Data can lead to successful selling and revenue generation.

To learn more, download your copy of “Harnessing Big Data” now (registration required).

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