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Predictions 2014: Data-Driven Marketing And Sales

How Data Will Change The Playing Field For Marketing And Sales

data_driven_predictionsThe first week of December is nearly over and 2014 seems to be bounding in quickly. With that, I am excited to announce our latest ebookPredictions 2014: How Data Will Change The Playing Field For Marketing and Sales. This is our second go at connecting with industry thought leaders on the hottest topics and predictions in marketing and sales. This year we connected with over 20 of the who’s who in marketing and sales to focus on data. We have all been hearing about how marketing and sales need to become data-driven, but what does that really mean? How will that change our day to day workflows, goals and outcomes? Is data everything? Do the views of our experts skew towards being pessimistic or optimistic? How do we ensure we are getting the biggest bang for our efforts? These questions and more are all addressed in our collection of predictions on marketing and sales.

Sample Predictions From Lattice

Shashi Upadhyay, CEO: In 2014, marketers will realize that they can harvest the buying signals from the Web, social media and 3rd party data sources to improve every aspect of demand generation and sales. The prize will go to those who do this first by following the practices of Internet-scale companies like Google, Facebook and Netflix and focusing on drawing insights from data to make predictions about who is likely to buy next. All the pieces are now in place – the cloud, large installed bases of CRM and marketing automation systems and the exploding data volume. Predictive marketing and sales applications will democratize the power of buying signals for everyone, no team of data scientists required.

Brian Kardon, CMO: We’ve all had a front row seat to the marketing transformation over the past 10 years: digitization, real-time, social media, content marketing, inbound, marketing automation. These were not ephemeral ideas.  They transformed marketing.  Predictive analytics is now emerging as central to the modern marketing organization and a top focus for 2014. Leading marketers are leveraging data science to market and sell more intelligently.  They are bringing every relevant buying signal — from the web, social, CRM and marketing automation sources — to find, prioritize and close their next customer. Inspired by the awesome predictive analytics engines of Google and Amazon, we are seeing a marketing arms race  emerge— powered by data. Making sense out of the complexity of big data is what predictive analytics was born to do. Companies as diverse as GE, Citrix, Staples and Dell are embracing predictive analytics and seeing huge lifts in pipeline generation, higher conversion rates and faster growth.

Let me extend a big thank you to those who contributed to this ebook: Ann Handley of MarketingProfs, Jon Miller of Marketo, Amanda Batista of Eloqua, Megan Heuer of SiriusDecisions, Ray Wang of Constellation Research, Carlos Hidalgo of Annuitas, Craig Rosenberg of TOPO, Meagen Eisenberg of Docusign, Jascha Kaykas-Wolff of Mindjet, Colleen Francis of Engage Selling, Jim Dickie of CSO Insights, Christine Crandell of New Business Strategies, Gerhard Gschwandtner of Selling Power, Dave Brock of Partners in EXCELLENCE, Mark Roberge of Hubspot, Matt Heinz of Heinz Marketing, Justin Rondeau of WhichTestWon, Anneke Seley of Reality Works Group, Erik Tratnyek of Lattice, Britton Manasco of Visible Impact, Joao Ferreira of Sanitop and Jonathan Farrington of Farrington and Associates.

Have a look at the ebook and let us know what you think! Do you agree? Disagree? Please sound off and include your predictions in the comments section.

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