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Expand and Retain Customer Relationships

Lattice makes it easy to grow revenue from current customers by providing predictive insights into buyer needs.

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The Challenge

In addition to driving more revenue, renewal rates skyrocket among customers who've bought multiple products. So why do so many teams ignore this revenue opportunity?


For Most B2B Companies 50% or More Revenue Comes from Existing Customers


Customers Who Purchase Multiple Products Drive 6‐20X More Revenue


Have missed sales opportunities because of information overload

Lattice Predictive Scoring Application

Targeted-Upsell, Cross-Sell and Renewal

Sell More to Existing Customers

Finding meaningful patterns in customer behavior can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. But understanding the common traits among companies that have bought in the past provides valuable insights into who to target next.

Lattice makes it easy to tap into expanding customer needs and mitigate churn. Powerful predictive applications provide a streamlined way to serve up the right products, messages and collateral to engage with existing customers. Don't ignore the revenue opportunites hiding in plain sight. Get started now.

How It Works

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Design Campaigns on the Fly

Lattice provides a wizard-based interface so creating segmented models, campaigns and custom product/account hierarchy are completely quickly and easily.

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Target Best Sources of Growth

With Lattice, companies can identify opportunities for cross-sell or up-sell by identifying similar buying signals within the customer base, as well as reducing customer churn.

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Prioritize and Enable Sales

Scores and buying signals are published into CRM systems, so that sales teams can focus on leads that are ready to buy now and use targeted talking points to guide the conversation.

Identify Customer Revenue Opportunities

Lattice unlocks the power of predictive modeling and data science so marketing and sales teams can focus on expanding customer relationships and revenue.

Select the Type of Predictive Campaign You Want to Build

Easily Model the Desired Scenario

View the Customer Segments Most Likely to Convert

Customer Success

The marketing department was able to cut the number of leads it sent to the sales organization by 50% — to only the most promising prospects – and the 'results went up by almost double' in terms of sales productivity, efficiency and revenue.”
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Easy to Deploy. Immediate Results.

Lattice’s unmatched predictive applications will help you boost sales productivity by growing revenue from existing customers.

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